Top 4 Steps to Jumpstart Physical and Mental Wellness

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Top 4 Steps to Jumpstart Physical and Mental Wellness


We are all on different journeys in our lives. Everyone’s path is unique, but there are certain ways we are all the same. Our bodies and minds crave attention, stimulation, and peace—and figuring out the right combination of those things can bring you joy and give you the space to grow into the person you’re meant to be. Por Glamour shares four ways everyone can use to take care of themselves, mentally and physically.

Eat consciously

As Headspace explains, one of the biggest ways you can improve both your mental and physical wellness is to maintain awareness of what you’re putting in your body. The physical part of your well-being is obvious. The food you put in your body is what fuels your everyday functions; eating the recommended amount of vegetables, protein, and other nutrients is the first step on the path to feeling and looking better.


Food also has a huge impact on your mental health, as well. What you eat determines neurotransmitter levels and brain enzymes—consuming nutritious foods is a proven way to regain serotonin. In this way, your physical health impacts your mental stability, and vice versa.

Meditate and practice yoga

Mayo Clinic notes that meditation is a great way to reduce stress and create greater inward focus. As you block out intrusive thoughts and focus solely on your breath, you can create a sort of force field around yourself that keeps out negativity and fosters positive thinking. Meditating for even just five or 10 minutes per day can have a huge effect.


Our breath connects our body and mind. Doing certain breathing techniques and stretches—such as the kind associated with yoga—can have an immense impact on your thought processes and how you interact with yourself. Focusing inward can bring your mental health back in line and help you maintain a positive outlook!


It’s important to practice yoga in a space wherein you are comfortable. Feelings of discomfort can draw your focus away from your breath and posture. If you have a space where you practice but are consistently uncomfortable in it, consider creating a positive space.

Get outside!

The healing qualities of being in nature have been touted for a long time. Mood disorders can be treated to great success by spending more time outdoors, which can include simply enjoying the backyard. A well-kept lawn, nice and trim and without excessive weeds, is the best environment to sit back and relax, or to play a game of badminton or croquet.


Burning calories while you’re enjoying the outdoors adds to the benefits. Running or biking outdoors improves your cardiovascular function, helps you sleep at night, and can help you lose weight. These are all factors that contribute to your overall feeling of wellness—so you should allow yourself some creature comforts. Invest in some new wireless earbuds so you can listen to podcasts or music while you’re exercising and get some comfortable shoes and athletic gear so you don’t have to be uncomfortable while you’re getting your groove on.

Drink water

Are you drinking enough water? There is no magic agreed-upon amount of water that adults should be consuming every day, but it’s the most important thing you put in your body. The recommended amount depends on how much you weigh and what you’re eating, as well. Water helps clean your systems, including your kidneys, and helps maintain blood pressure. It also improves skin elasticity and can have a positive impact on weight loss.


As you undertake your own personal journey to wellness, these activities should only be the starting point. Finding what works for you is the end goal of any wellness program—and keeping up with these tips is up to you.


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